What is Apostille and do I need an apostille for Oman?

Apostille is a way that assists in the legalization of a document. An apostille stamp is a sticker that is square-shaped and placed on a document. The sticker has 11 standard fields printed on it. APOSTILLE is written on the top and at the bottom the text Convention de La Haye du 5 October 1961 is there. In English, it implies the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.

An apostille stamp is placed on the document by the Ministry of External Affairs on the backside of the document. It is essential for all individuals who are going abroad to have an apostille stamp on their documents. This is a way to let the foreign country know that the document is genuine and real.

Why should a person get an apostille for Oman done?

There are many reasons that make an apostille for Oman necessary. The list is mentioned below:

  • A birth certificate apostille is compulsory for a permanent resident visa, study visa, and also for a work visa.
  • A person who is going abroad on a dependent visa must have a marriage certificate apostille with them.
  • The applicant who wishes to apply for a work visa must have a PCC apostille.
  • A person who is going on a study visa should get his/her degree certificate apostille.
  • To register a marriage in Oman, a person should carry a single status certificate with themself.

There are several authorities that help in getting an apostille on a document. Let’s have a look at the complete procedure:

Notary Attestation

This is the first step for the attestation of documents. Here the documents are presented to the notary. Then the documents are carefully checked by them. When all the details that are given in the document are found accurate then only a stamp and signature are placed on the document.

State/SDM Attestation

In this step, there are two authorities involved. The documents can be shown to any of the authorities as the work is the same for both of them. The documents will be first verified and then stamped by them.

The only difference is the time duration taken by any of the authorities. The attestation at the state takes approximately three to four weeks to finish. On the other hand, an individual can get the attestation done in three to five days by SDM.

Ministry of External Affairs:

This is one of the most important steps of the entire attestation process. The documents are cautiously analyzed by the MEA. When the authorities are fully satisfied with all the information. Then, the MEA places a sticker and stamp on the document. This sticker has a unique number that helps the foreign country to know the details online. This is the final step for all the countries that are part of the Hague Nations.

Embassy Attestation:

To get documents attested by the Embassy a person has to submit the documents and fees. The documents are stamped by the authority after verification. For the countries that are not a member of Hague Nations, this is the last step.

What are the documents that an individual should have to get an Attestation for Oman?

To obtain an Omani work visa, some common documents that may need to be apostilled include

  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Education and qualification certificates
  • Employment verification documents

To obtain an Omani dependent visa, some common documents that may need to be apostilled include

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Police clearance certificate

To obtain an Omani bluecard visa, some common documents that may need to be apostilled include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Education and qualification certificates
  • Health insurance documents

Again, these are just some common examples of the types of documents that may need to be apostilled for these visas. It is best to consult with the Omani government or a legal professional for specific guidance on the documents that need to be apostilled for your situation. The requirements may vary depending on your specific circumstances. FAQ