1. Fill apostille details

fill the form with relevant details.

Details such as destination country Document origin State Number of document Name Etc..

2. Fill the Pickup details

fill the pickup address

Receive a call from pickup team

Provide the received OTP to register your address.

Done..Pickup is arranged

26,000 reachable pin-code in India

3. Pay for the Apostille

Secure online payment

Choose the package that suites you

Pay for the package you choose

4. Track Apostille online

Bar-coded documents for safety.

Receive the bar code for online tracking.

Get notified for status change.


Frequently Asked Questions

PCC offers a variety of MEA attestation services and benefits. We always try to fulfill the necessities of our candidates. Furthermore, the whole procedure of MEA attestation is entirely based on the type of certificate, state to state, or the embassy of the foreign nation included in the MEA attestation procedure.

Using the MEA attestation services provided by PCC, you can efficiently complete the MEA attestation in Kerala. All you require to do is- first get verified the authentication of the certificate by the State Home Department. Secondly, the State Home Department will send your certificate to MEA for MEA attestation. And lastly, MEA will send the document to the respective embassy where the applicant wishes to move for the embassy attestation.

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attests to all the original certificates of the applicant. And it is considered an essential procedure for the applicant who is looking forward to moving abroad. However, before you initiate the document MEA attestation process, it must be authenticated by the respective departments/authorities of the State Government/Union Territory from where the certificate is issued, depending on the document type. The further procedure is work as listed below.

  • Regional Level
  • It is the initial stage of the MEA attestation process. If you are using PCC attestation services, then you do not need to worry about anything. We offer you all the services and facilities which are required to complete the regional level of attestation.

  • State Level
  • All three types( educational, personal, or commercial) of documents are issued by the State Home Department. To utilize these certificates in foreign countries, you have to get an attestation from the State Home Department. Plus, the department will confirm the authentication of your certificate.

  • Central Level
  • As highlighted before, MEA attestation is the final stage of the verification, where the submitted certificates will get MEA attestation. Once the MEA attests your document, the attestation procedure will be completed, and the applicant can utilize the document in a foreign country.